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Blirt Launches New Omnibound KS Small-Business SEO Product


VARSITY LAKES, Australia — Blirt, an award winning digital marketing consultancy, unveiled at the company’s new Omnibound KS search engine optimization (SEO) product.

Designed specifically to give small companies a business-boosting SEO kickstart, the new product includes a strategic mix of auditing, analysis, content creation, link building, and other services.

As an especially affordable way of covering fundamental SEO needs, Omnibound KS has been created to make the impressive returns on investment Blirt has become so well known for even more accessible to smaller businesses.

With many successful small businesses deriving 40 percent or more of their revenues from SEO-related activities, the new Omnibound KS product will be of great interest to retailers, hospitality specialists, contractors, business services providers, technology products and services and many others.

“We’re proud to announce that our Omnibound KS SEO kickstarter package is now available,” said Blirt founder and Managing Director Stuart Leo, “There’s nothing we like more than helping our clients succeed and grow, and working with small businesses often proves to be especially rewarding.

Omnibound KS was designed from the ground up to put smaller companies on solid footing with SEO so they can start enjoying the rewards in especially affordable fashion.

The growth that our new Omnibound KS program enables is already leading to even bigger and better things for a number of our clients, and that is truly exciting.”

According to research compiled by Blirt analysts at more than three-quarters of marketing and business leaders view the returns produced by investments into SEO as good or excellent.

That puts SEO well above email marketing, paid search, and social media spending in terms of the results produced for each dollar invested, with leads generated from the organic traffic that follows costing 60 percent less than the average for all others.

The new Blirt Omnibound KS product was designed to give small businesses the greatest benefit from SEO at the most affordable possible price.

With a carefully tailored mix of services that includes high-quality link building, guest posts, local directory updates, and accurate performance reporting, Omnibound KS makes a particularly powerful digital marketing approach more accessible to small companies than ever before.

Those interested can learn more about Omnibound KS or any of the agency’s other services at the Blirt website at

About Blirt:
As one of Australia’s leading MarTech strategy groups, Blirt specialises in customer experience, marketing automation, digital communications & full funnel customer engagement to help organisations lead in The Experience Economy.

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The Reasons For Buying Insurance Leads Online

If you are a health insurance agent, then you must make sure that you will have a wide client base. And one of the ways that you will be able to do this is by looking for insurance leads online. It is your that will gain more business potential the moment that you will have more leads. There will be money in your pocket the moment that you will be able to get these leads. But it is important that you should understand the importance if these leads. You will be able to use a number ways for you to get these leads but the most effective one so far is by using the internet.

You will be able to get tremendous gains the moment that you will be using the internet for leads generation. It is convenience that you will get the moment that you will use the internet to get these leads. Any information that you will be needing can be gathered by you with just a click of a mouse. By using the internet, you will not be needing to deal with paperwork. It is no longer needed to transfer any kind of information to your computer. It is these factors that some agents would think of considering suing the internet get these leads.

It is by making sure that you will use the internet is getting leads that you can be sure that they will work. There are some agents that also creates their own websites for lead generation. It is by using these websites that people will be bale to get more information when it comes to insurance. It is when they will provide their details that they will also be able to get a quote for the insurance that they want to avail. Another thing that these websites do id to keep track of the leads. Opening the file and see the new leads that the website has created is what the agents will have to do. What’s great is that the leads that have been generated are fresh and can be followed up by the agents immediately.

Creating their very own website is something that some agents will not be able to do. Health insurance leads are also being offered by some companies so agents do not need to necessarily create their very own website. It is when you will buy these leads from these companies that you will see that their prices are quite reasonable. It is now common for some insurance agents to utilize this opportunity. It is by doing so that they will be bale to save time and money. They can do this one instead of contacting an advertising agency.

Any kind of business can grow with the help of the internet.

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Should You Start Caring About Inbound Marketing?

There are so many business owners out there who are under the impression that the act of incorporating inbound marketing to their general marketing strategy does not make a lot of sense in the financial standpoint. But then again, these people are also the ones who are seeing their business or brand falling behind competition that has in one way or another used inbound marketing.

Anyway, if you’re not seriously considering adding inbound marketing, the two other possible reasons might be because you have no time to carry it out or perhaps you just are plain clueless on how to do it. The best solution to those problems is to hire an inbound marketing agency, plain and simple. By doing so, you’d be able to recognize and appreciate its importance in giving your business the chance to finally keep up with the rest of the competition. Well, at this point, we’re here to convince to finally give an inbound agency the chance to prove the worth of this internet marketing strategy.

Though most people think it’s an added expense, inbound marketing actually helps you save money for your internet marketing strategy. Yes, you can save money for the reason that inbound marketing does not really require you to shell out some hard earned cash for its launch. It never is the same to that of traditional kinds of advertising like print and paid ads. After a minimal initial investment, all you have to focus on is producing relevant and high quality content to the people who you think will be interested. But don’t overdo the content you put in their because you might easily sound like you’re desperately pitching your selling your brand.

With inbound marketing carried out by a professional, say a Hubspot partner, you get the assurance that your existing assets are taken advantage of. At this point in time, it’s fair to assume that you already have a website where you showcase your business, and also, you already have at least two social media accounts dedicated to promoting your business to its prospective customers. But one glaring issue is that are you in fact making use of those assets you already have? Keep in mind that there’s a huge difference between having a website and social media account and having to use them at their true potential in helping your increase inbound traffic. With the helping hand of a professional inbound marketing agency, you bring with you the best chance of maximizing the potential of your social media accounts as well as your website, with the sole intention of making your brand build a good reputation online.

One last thing you need to realize at this point is that without inbound marketing, it has virtually become impossible to be able to keep up with the competition, and considering how everyone is making good use of it, it only means that your refusal and denial will lead to your business’ untimely demise.

Getting To The Point – Plumbing

Plumbing for Your Home or Business: Finding The Right Plumbing Service Faulty plumbing plagues a lot of homes and establishments nowadays, and for these structures, this is a grave problem. A great day at work could be ruined potentially by having faulty plumbing. Your employees won’t be able to use the comfort room, or there could be potentially no water flowing in your faucets, worse, your building could be flooded. Besides that, there are also a ton of other plumbing related issues that could come up such as leaky faucets, sewer damages and clogged drains. By hiring the right plumbing service for your company, you can prevent these types of problems from arising, or you could simply treat the problem before it gets any worse. So to elaborate more, why should you need the help of a professional plumber? Firstly, only trained and certified professionals should handle any type of plumbing job and pipe installation. Professional plumbers have the appropriate licenses and training in order to treat plumbing problems effectively. When you hire a professional plumber, you are bound to reap a few advantages. First of all, plumbers can identify any problem accurately and specifically. For you, there might be easily noticeable plumbing malfunctions present in your house or establishment. However, these problems might be little on the surface but could contain an underlying issue. When only fixing the surface problem, you risk having the same problem again after a while, or it could even come back much worse. You find out these problems accurately when hiring a professional plumber and moreover, know their root causes. Another advantage of hiring a professional plumber is knowing exactly what parts to buy. When doing plumbing jobs by yourself, there is a good chance you may buy the parts that don’t exactly fit. You waste extra time and money when that scenario happens to you. Or, the parts may fit somehow, but will produce unnoticeable leaks that can cause to the eventual damage to your establishment or house caused by water logging. You save out on money and time once you hire the services of a professional plumber, and you can prevent these problems from happening. Most of all, when you hire a professional plumber he/she can also provide you with expert opinions on plumbing matters. When asking a plumber to fix certain parts of your house or establishment, you can ask him/her to take a look at your plumbing system. A seasoned plumber is able to identify if some parts of it will pose a threat in the future.

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Tips On How To Sell Successfully With A Facebook Store

It is worth noting that Facebook has moved from being just a social media platform that people connect with others and it has now become a platform that is being used by more and more businesses to connect with customers that buy their products and services and according to a certain study 60% of all social traffic that is driven to retail sites is through Facebook. A known fact is that this is a huge number of consumers and even though there are many ways that the business owner can use to drive traffic to their site the easiest and simplest ways is by providing a link to a product page on the company’s e-commerce site via a Facebook post. Even though this is a good way to engage a potential customer it may send some clients running away from Facebook but instead of using this route the person can only set up a Facebook store which is easy to set-up, simple to use and has a higher conversion rate compared to redirecting clients to another site that the business owner wants them to see.

Selling on Facebook is an immense opportunity that no one can afford to ignore and if the person wants to cash in on this fantastic opportunity, they can follow the steps below. The basic rule of selling in Facebook is constantly and consistently engage the followers because in most cases people do not log into Facebook to make purchases but they log in to connect with other people thus it is the business owner’s responsibility to connect the two functions which are making a purchase and connecting with your company. One way to do this is to do small things like asking questions, responding to comments, making product suggestion and telling the story of the brand because the more the followers are engaged, the higher the likelihood that they will convert to customers.

It is worth stating that Facebook sales thrive on likes and the more quality likes the Facebook page gets the higher the odds that more people will see the content and in as much as a business owner can wait around hoping that people will stumble upon the page by chance and like it in most cases, the page needs a push. This push can take the form of incentivizing people to like and follow the page and according to another famous study slightly more than two-fifths of the people that like a page do so that they can get a coupon or discount, and the business owner can apply this principle by offering promotions and special offers on the Facebook shop.

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